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Viscon GTA Fuel Enchancer

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Place of Origin: US
Quantity: As required
Packaging: 12 (32oz bottles / case
Price: Pls ask
Classification: Chemicals - Petroleum Products: Fuel Oil
Product Descpription:

Gasoline > Benefits

Viscon increases engine power, increases gasoline octane value, reduces fuel consumption and reduces emissions of CO, HC and NOx.

Benefits derived from modification of gasoline vaporization behavior:
o A more homogeneous burn of all gasoline components at ignition and during flame propagation
o More optimum ignition timing for highest BMEP
o Faster flame propagation giving higher BMEP and more complete combustion
o Lower combustion gas temperature reducing engine octane requirement

Benefits derived from modification of gasoline spray droplet behavior:
o More uniform spray droplet formation
o Reduced wall wetting
o More fuel entrained in the air/fuel charge during transients and cold starts

Diesel > Benefits

Viscon increases engine power, reduces combustion gas temperatures, reduces fuel consumption and reduces emissions of unburned hydro- carbons and NOx.
These benefits are derived from:
o A more uniform distribution of droplet size across the cross section of the diesel spray cone.
o A reduction of the mean volume diameter of the diesel injector spray.
o A more even distribution of the fuel distributed across the cross section of the spray cone.
o The elimination of superfine satellite droplets which cause early ignition.
o An improved spray jet penetration.
o Reduced wall wetting.

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